Student not coming to school?

It is a legal requirement of the Department of Education that all absences are explained within 3 days of the absence and a medical certificate provided for 3 days or more.  

Parents/Caregivers can notify the school by: 

If you have prior knowledge of an absence, please let the school know in advance.

Arriving late

Each school day first bell will sounds at 8:40am. The next siren will sound to commence first period. It is the students responsibilty to ensure they arrive at school before the first bell. Students who arrive after the bell or during the school day are to sign in using the iPad at the front office and collect a late note before class. A reason for the lateness should be provided by phone, a note or an email to the school.

Leaving during the school day

  1. Parent/Carer must provide a written note advising of the day, time and reason why the student is to leave school during the day.
  2. Student must present the note to the front office before school to request a leave pass.
  3. The leave pass is presented to the class teacher to allow the student to leave class at the appropriate time. The pass will also provide legal authority if questioned in the community.
  4. Student signs out through the front office and meets their parent/carer at the agreed meeting place.