Third Party Online Services

Schools use a range of online Third Party Apps and programs. The Department of Education has determined that many of these will now require parent consent for students to use them. Where possible, only anonymous student information that does not identify the student, is used.

Third Party Consent Form

Below is more information on each Third Party Apps or programs we use at the school. 


  1. Adobe
  2. Apple
  3. Autocad
  4. Autodesk - Inventor
  5. ClickView
  7. Education Perfect
  8. Fusion 360
  9. Google Maps
  10. Padlet
  11. Readcloud
  12. Revit
  13. Skillsroad
  14. The Careers Department
  15. Tinker cad
  16. Via Survey
  17. Youtube


  1. ASX Schools
  2. Oliver
  3. Seqta
  4. Sobs
  5. Zoom
  6. eSmart Digital Licence